Monday, November 01, 2004

Kerry's Senate Record! Why he never discusses it!

This OpEd does a good job of explaining the real differences between Bush and the Traitor as excerpt here, America the vulnerable.

These successes stand in stark contrast to Mr. Kerry's record of being on the wrong side of history. In 1971, he urged the United States to accept the North Vietnamese terms of surrender. In 1984, at the height of the Cold War, he supported the Soviet-sponsored nuclear freeze and opposed the critically important — and NATO-supported — deployment of our INF missiles in Europe. In 1985, as terrorism expanded in Central America, he urged the United States to accept the terms of the Communist Sandinistas. In 1990, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, even though the United Nations approved of kicking Saddam out, Mr. Kerry voted no. Even then he flunked his own "global test." Later, he sought to repeatedly cripple and delay missile defenses, despite missile strikes on Israel and U.S. forces during the same Gulf War.

As terrorism worsened in the 1990s, Mr. Kerry proposed a seven-year freeze on defense spending, arguing, "Where's the threat?" Mr. Kerry also proposed cutting back intelligence resources by the billions. So lacking in judgment was Mr. Kerry that his amendment cutting intelligence was denounced even by fellow Democrats as "dangerous" and defeated by a vote of 75-20. Over 35 years, every time America needed his help, he left us in danger.


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