Monday, November 08, 2004

Dhimmicrats and Surrenderism.

Dhimmicrats - Silly Americans that think that 3,000 dead Americans is nothing more than a nuisance. Weak Americans that think that submitting to the Terrorists is preferable to fighting them. These self aggrandized Dhimmicrats show their racism, by not believing that the Arab Muslims can have or want to have freedom. Worst yet are those that don't think they deserve freedom. They have no true values, religious or otherwise, to defend or protect, so Dhimmitude comes naturally.

Just look at their most recent Presidential candidate, Hanoi John. All of the lies, hate and the billions spent to try to make Bush look worse than their traitorous and immoral candidate failed. The real Americans saw through it all. The choice of Kerry is indicative of the depths of the immorality of Dhimmicrats.

For the uninformed, "Dhimmi is the status given to Jews and Christians under Islam. Throughout history, these religious minorities in Muslim lands have been oppressed and victimized. Ending the culture of dhimmitude is a prerequisite for achieving peace and justice for all people in the Islamic world."

The Surrenderists - They used to be called Liberals. America’s Liberals used to promote America’s intervention overseas to promote and foster freedom and Democracies. They have been transformed by Cronkite, Kerry, Rather and others into Surrenderists. Surrenderists do not believe war is right or just, even if it is in self defense. Especially, if the self defense in form of overthrowing a dictator, creating a free democracy in the hope it will transform a region from a terrorist factory in to a free and prosperous region. This plan of hope might be OK if a elitist urban Dhimmicrat had thought of it, but not if a redneck Texas cowboy does.

Surrenderists want to accept terrorism as an inevitable fact of life and it cannot be stopped. Surrenderists want to focus on absorbing and rebuilding after attacks instead of engaging the enemy on their home turf. Surrenderists turn to France for inspiration. Saddam’s Iraq lasted longer than France. Patton will forever be known as the guy who said, "I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French division behind me." Patton would rather have a tough enemy in front than a weak and traitorous enemy behind. Anybody who thinks Europe can teach America anything is a fool. Europe has nothing of value for America. America doesn’t need France to teach America how to surrender, we got Kerry, Cranched, Rather and the rest of the Dhimmicrats for that.

Dhimmicrats have actually been found out by everyone, but themselves. I am amazed at the utter arrogance expressed by the Kerry supporters out East. "How can middle America know what it like to be a homosexual, when they don’t live next door to them?" "We must bring our values to middle America". It appears that the elite of America’s Surrenderism movement just don’t get it. Middle America is aware of the values of the Dhimmicrats and we have rejected them, soundly.


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