Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The aftermath and young liberals!

Well, I took a break. A break to bask in the glow of winning. To gloat a bit. To attempt to purge myself of the complete and utter loathing I feel for the Left, it's Party and the mainstream sheep that continue to follow them.

I have come to believe that to be young and liberal is completely natural. No one really wants to give up their fantasies and face reality when they are young. These are people that think that people’s lives are over when they turn thirty. No one wants to grow up before they have to. They want life and the world to be fair and damn it, the government should make it fair. All you have to do is click your heels together and wish for peace and world peace will happen.

I am envious of the oblivious nature of their lives and the utter naivete of their worries. How I wish I was able to cast off the knowledge I have accumulated and return to the ignorance of my youth. Life was much simpler for me then.There-in lies the problem. The young and whimsical are not left alone. They are lied to and riled up by the hard core Leftists. They are led astray and used by the Left. The young are not suave enough to realize that the Left’s goals are not the same as theirs. The young do not realize that the imaginary oppression the Left rails against is nothing compared to the oppression the Left represents and promotes. They are turned into being the very things they claim to be against. Hate filled spiteful people. How can people that claim to be for peace, hate so much!

Conservatives are not the enemy of the youth, the Left is. Conservatives would be perfectly happy to allow the youth to grow up in their own time. The Left sees the youth as tools to further their own agendas.


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