Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Left exposed!

The Left. The degenerate leeches on society. The scum that covers a pond that has been stagnate too long.

These assholes smile and throw parties every time they hear of an American dying in Iraq or Afghanistan. These assholes hate America, it's values, it's wealth and it's founding father's religion. These assholes cheer on America's enemies while living behind the shield the military provides. These assholes rail against the wealth and prosperity of America, while partaking in the fruits of that prosperity. They hate Christianity and Judaism, but not Islam, Buddhism, nihilism nor the religion of Communism.

The Left are hypocrites of the highest order! They don't live the lives nor make the sacrifices they preach about. They want the poor to be fed, but they are tight fisted with their time and wallets. They want their agenda accomplished, but want everyone they hate to pay for it. They do an awful lot of talking the talk and not a whole lot of walking the walk.

Hypocrites to the rotten core!


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this... is frightening. stuff like this starts the "othering" of groups, demonizing to the point where they aren't straw men to rant about, but groups to exploit and punish for political gain. keep the hate rhetoric going while the rest of us (reps and dems) get out of our pajamas and try to make things better.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger Steve H - USA said...

The 'othering' began a long time ago and it did not start with me. It began with the Democrat's nominating a traitor as their candidate. It continued with the cartoon of Mayor Kelly kissing the President's ass. It continues with the disparaging comments about the President I hear spoken without worry at work. It also is in response to the constant, "Your Boy" comments directed at me by my pathetic Liberal co-workers.

Don't try to blame me for the 'othering' in this country. The blame for the division of America rests solely on the Democrats. I may be escalation the rhetoric, but it did not originate with me.


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