Monday, April 11, 2005

Insurgent Pulitzer

It is obvious to me that the MSM has been willing accomplices in the Iraqi terrorism. The recent Pulitzer award for the photo of the terrorist's murdering the election workers is proof of the utter depravity of today's MSM and it's prevailing ideology, Liberalism.

The fact that the murders were staged for the AP photographer is plainly evident and AP's defense is proof that they plainly believe the ends justify the means.

Any photographer must truly ask themselves whether a Pulitzer is worth two innocent people's lives? They must ask themselves, whether those two men would have made it safely to their destination if the AP photographer had not colluded with the terrorists and allowed themselves to become the terrorist's tool?

Shame on the Pulitzer committee for giving an award to a "Journalist"(sic) who actions contributed significantly to the deaths of two human beings!