Friday, May 28, 2004


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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Values and dishonor?

Ex-VP Gore yelled yesterday. He said the Bush Administration had "twisted" values and had brought dishonor to America.

This comes from a spokesman of the political party that brought us a President that had adulterous sex in the Oval office and then lied about it under oath.

I can see it now, Kerry gets elected and when the tours of the Oval office take place, the visitors find plaques saying...."On this spot the cigar was used".....and....."The famous dress was stained here".

The Democrats are a joke, a sad sad joke.

I am not a Republican!

I just don't like the Democrat Party. The Democrats themselves are generally nice people, they are just very misinformed. There are a great many sheep that just believe the lies they are told and have just always voted Democrat, regardless of the truth. The DFL as a whole is very confused. They have a great many contradictions in their platform.

They don't feel safe, but they cut the military.
They want a booming economy, so they raise taxes.
They advocate the murder of babies and but are against capital punishment.
They preach diversity instead of unity and wonder why there is discrimination.
They say they want peace and harmony and their candidates run on a platform of hate.
They complain about the "Republican attack machine"(sic), but statistically run more attack ads.

I have tried and tried to come up with just one thing the Democrats have done for me and not to me. I am still looking............

Bumper stickers.

The difference between the two parties is as simple as a bumper sticker.

Democrats have stickers like "No War for Oil", "Bush Sucks" or "US Troops out of Iraq" all with a red or green background.

Republicans have stickers like "United We Stand", "Remember 911" and "Support out Troops" all with a flag motiff.

Enough said?

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


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The Party of Hate.

Fringe Democrats are all lost bitter souls. They belong to the Party of Hate. You know that political party that can't find a candidate that can win an election on his own merits(AKA Gore and Kerry), but may have a chance with a Hate Bush platform.

That is how screwed up most liberals think. They want a slimy twit to be the next President of the United States, not because he might be a good President, noooo..... it's because they hate Bush.

This Party of Hate has been calling it's self the Progressive(sic) Party. What is progressive about Hate? What is progressive about Socialism? What is progressive about raising taxes? Nothing!!!!!!!!!!

Other things the Party of Hate hates, Religion, Defense, Self Reliance, Self Responsibility, People with traditional sex lives, Capitalism and Rich People(except rich Democratic Politicians).

The Liberal's latest mantra has been Diversity. Synonymous with division, divisiveness or anti-unity. Let's all gather around and see how different we are, how much better off the others are and hate them for it.

I think I will vote for the church going, God fearing man, that admits his mistakes and has the strength of will to worry more about doing his job than winning the next election. The man that the liberals and leftists of this world HATE.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Pearl Harbor and 911

On which date did over 3,000 Americans die in a surprise attack by imperialistic fascism who’s goal is complete world domination? It has happen twice, on December 7th, 1941 and September 11th, 2001. Many in America want to believe that it is not the same thing. Those people are either pacifists, Democrats or fools. They may be more than one. In some ways this is a more critical conflict as the enemy is not a country, it is a religion and a culture. This religious war is being waged against us, not by us.

Some would like to believe that the servicemen of WWII deserve more accolades, than the servicemen today. Nothing can be further from the truth. During WWII, America was united in a common goal, without today’s intra-party partisanship and journalistic ambushing. During WWII every able-bodied male unselfishly enlisted, so every socio-economic class was represented in every unit. Unlike today’s military which is made up of mostly the lower middle class kids and below.

Today’s servicemen and women defend this country and it’s freedoms inspite of the lack support from a selfish and apathetic America. WWII veterens enjoyed the complete and united support of America while they were defending this country. Thought he WWII veterens deserve their accolades, those serviving today are courageous beyond compare, for they serve a pathetic, self absorbed country that is more divided than united.

Abortion and Catholics

It has recently been reported that the Pope and Bishops have denounced the pro-abortion position of some American Catholics, namely some Democratic Politicians. Besides the opportunity for Catholic bashing, where is the news here? The Catholic Church Law has always been anti-abortion. The Catholic Church does not make this kind of decision arbitrarily, it studies the issue and concludes what it thinks God’s position is and promotes it. The Catholic Church is not like a political party, a member cannot choose to support part of the platform and not support other parts. You cannot be a Catholic in good standing and be pro-abortion. A vote for a pro-abortion candidate or law is a grave sin, which severs the voter from participation from the Rite of Communion until they confess.

Some reporters and other detractors are suggesting that the Catholic Church is meddling in politics and in violation of the 1st Amendment. The State adopted that Constitutional Amendment to prevent itself from adopting a State religion. The Catholic Church has adopted no such rule and is not prevented by any secular law in participating in any political debate. I applaud the Catholic Church’s attempt to guide it’s flock in the direction Church law dictates, especially since it is in a different direction than current secular trends.


All of this anger and complaining about the cost of prescription drugs ignores the main reasons so many of the elderly and aging of the American population are taking 4 or more medications for various ailments. Instead of modifying their poor or destructive lifestyles and habits, the doctor prescribes another pill.

Before the advent of many of these costly medications, the ailments were treated by better diets or other lifestyle modifications. Almost everyone of my mother’s generation is taking a blood pressure, a cholesterol, and a heart medication. Many are also taking anti-depressants and diabetes medications. Some of these daily pills are $15.00 each. Few of this and future generations are making the lifestyle changes that previous generations did when all of these expensive drugs were not available.

I am afflicted with acid reflux. Is this a new ailment, newly discovered since the invention of Prilisec? No, it is an ailment which in the past was treated by a change in diet and eating habits. Billions of aging humans, in the past, have changed their habits to get relief from acid reflux. What does medicine do today? Issue a prescription for drug which creates a perpetual $50.00 a month cost for the patient/insurance company, a unessential profit for the drug manufacturer and another notch on the rising cost of medical coverage. Why should I inhibit my lifestyle and quit eating all of those greasy and spicy foods I like, when the doctor can prescribe a pill and everyone else will help me pay for it.

Long absence?

I have been gone for awhile for many reasons. Deaths in the family, disgust at the news and generally tired of it all.

But I am back again.