Wednesday, June 30, 2004

My old boss is a liberal?

My old boss calls herself a liberal. She is an avid bicyclist and an advocate for bike trails. It did not matter how much work time she spent on this interest of hers. It also did not matter how much anything cost. As long as it was for bikes, she was for it. She would spend hours on the phone advocating for another little used 5 million dollar pedestrian/bicycle bridge and then chew out one of my co-workers for $3.00 of personal calls on the company cell phone. How did she justify these two related concepts of waste with two radically different stances? It must be a liberal thing.

Who does she think pays for this 5 million dollar pedestrian/bicycle bridge that serves 10-15 people a day? I am being generous here, total traffic per day is most likely much less. We have these bridges all over the Twin Cities and I rarely see anybody on them. Lets do some math here.
5 million divided by 20 people per day times 365 days times 40 years(Life span of these bridges)= $17.00 per person. Boy, that was a good buy. Oh, the bridge I am talking about here is in between two regular bridges, one of them 2 blocks away. To the Boss, the bridge is important enough to waste the money, but not the $3.00 the co-worker used in phone calls home to check up on a sick kid.

Now someone is going to try to make some comparison between this bridge and an Air Force plane. This bridge is not going to defend or promote freedom. It is not going save a pilot’s life with it’s expensive doohickeys. The bridge is going to sit there as an ugly eyesore waiting for it’s infrequent user and will use up additional road repair money when it needs repair.

The old boss is in many ways conservative in her views, but to further her special interest agenda she is willing to ignore the parts of the Democratic Party Platform she does not like. She knows that if she was to bring this pedestrian/bicycle bridge to a conservative politician, the laughter would be audible.

How many other people vote for the Democrats so they can build their 5 million dollar pedestrian/bicycle bridges?

PS. I forgot to mention that I live in Minnesota, a wonderfidylliclic place that is frozen three months of the year. Very few people will be using that bridge during that time.

Conservatives are the people that are too smart to be liberals!

Why do I say this? Do I think that all liberals are stupid? Do I think that all conservatives are Einsteins?

No what I really meant was that most conservative read and watch a lot of news and don't rely on one source. We don't go watch inflammatory movies by the propaganda minister of a political party. We don't watch movies like that because they are lies. We want to see more than our tiny special interest.

Conservatives sift through the misinformation and gather together the BIG PICTURE. The liberals are happy to hear the lies, because it what they want to hear. The liberals are too stupid to want to hear the truth.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Conservatives vs Liberals

Conservatives are the people that are smart enough to see the big picture and don't have blinders on like the liberals.

Conservatives are the people that long for the days when being patriotic and standing for unity was the norm instead of hating America and promoting diversity.

Conservatives are the people that know America is the greatest country in the world and we do not need anyone's permission to defend ourselves.

Conservatives are the people that are smart enough to tell the difference between a lie and a mistake. Liberals tend to be very confused about this one.

Conservatives are the people that freedom, capitalism and patriotism made America the greatest nation on Earth. The liberals think it is freedom of speech for the left, Socialism and self-loathing?

Conservatives are the people that know what the word "progressive" means. The left has misappropriated this word and use it to describe their regressive ideology. There is nothing progressive about Socialism. There is nothing progressive about wealth redistribution. There is nothing progressive about the rabid hatred the left exudes for conservatives. There is nothing progressive about welfare or diversity. The use of the word "Progressive" by today's liberals is just another lie and misinformation that has become part and parcel of the Democratic Party.

Conservatives are the people that are too smart to be liberals.

The Party of Hate and War.(Cont)

I was going to lunch the other day and this sweet innocent looking young girl, said to me, “Do you want to help us beat Bush.” A couple of days before that I was at home on the phone with my mother and door bell rang and rang and rang. Who ever was at the door had held the button down for over ten seconds. When I got to the door I chewed out, the earthen color clad young men for being ignorant lunkheads, well it was something like that. All this self-centered young turd could say was it was his RIGHT to come to my door and it was his JOB. He also spouted the beat Bush message. All three of these people were representing Pro-Kerry organizations, none of which was identified by the literature or representatives.

Few young people can grasp the significance of the Battle for Iraq in the WOT and they are easily swayed by sound bites. The socialistic sound bites sound very good to the ignorant who do not investigate or recognize the awful cost to the American society and economy these programs would have. Kerry’s latest proposal was for socialized medicine. Any socialized medicine program would inferior to the medical care I pay for and get today. My taxes would have to increase to cover my family’s healthcare and someone else’s too. Kerry’s Healthcare would be inferior, but cost me more.

These young people being hired and sent out with out any training to spew the Democratic propaganda is appropriate. They will hopefully disenchant more people than they sway their way. Their rude and belligerent behavior show me why I will never vote for a Democrat in this decade. The message they are given to say by the Party that claims to represent all Americans is one of hate and division instead of one of hope and unity. It is “Beat Bush”, not “Elect Kerry.” Is Kerry so unelectable that they have to attack the other candidate in order to elect him? Must be since that is the only message I have heard, besides his anti-American and anti-capitalist Socialist agenda.

Oh, and when are we going to hear what Kerry would do differently? Not just that he would have done things differently. But what the HELL would he do? This sort of double talk and innuendo is typical of liberals, ala Michael “Goebbels” Moore. Though Moore doesn’t even try to hide his lies.

The Political Party of Hate and Lies seems to be willing to do anything to their degenerate candidate elected, including getting American soldiers killed by an emboldened enemy in the Middle East. This Party is populated by sound bite voters, moronic idiots and self-serving fringe cause proponents. It is truly a shame that it no longer looks like the Party of FDR and JFK.

The Party of Hate and War.

I recently had a cause which I wanted my representative to hear about, so I went to their government funded web sites to E-Mail them a message with my concern, which was in this case the need to issue body armor to all personnel deployed to a hostile overseas post. While visiting these sites I notice several things. The Republican sites promoted their own causes and goals and the Democratic sites did the same and added vehement attacks on the Republicans and their agenda. It was obvious to me that the Republicans were attempting to represent all of their constituents, while the Democrats were only trying to represent the Democrats. I had to add a line to my e-mail to the dis-honorable Congresswoman Betty McCullam that she may campaign as a Democrat, but after the election she represents all of her constituents. BTW I have heard from all of my Republican representatives, but not one of my Democrat ones. I wonder why?

You would think with the lies and hate spew by the anti-war crowd that every war America has participated in was because the Republicans wanted to make more money and that they were the warmongers. The truth is that EVERY conflict America entered lasting more than two weeks of the 20th century, except the first Persian Gulf War, was declared by a Democratic President. Chasing Pancho Villa and WWI were Wilson, WWII was FDR, Korea was Truman and Vietnam was Kennedy. Democrats like to believe that the first four were “Good” wars and unavoidable. And Vietnam they want to blame on Eisenhower. The only thing Eisenhower did was tell Kennedy that if he wanted to save Vietnam he might have to send troops, but the Democrats have rewritten their version of history to remove all blame from the King of Camelot.

Now I don’t see Vietnam as any more or less “Good” or unavoidable as Korea, but for some reason it became vogue and acceptable to be a traitor and fifth columnist during Vietnam. The protests that John “Hanoi” Kerry and his cronies did during Vietnam would have landed them in prison or worse during any of the previous wars. Actually I think they would have been beaten to a pulp by the counter protestors, true loyal patriotic Americans.

The Vietnam protestors crossed the line when they attacked the American Government and supported and endorsed the enemy. It is possible do be anti-war and still avoid doing those things, you just have to consider your actions and words more. That is something the rabid anti-war protestors of Vietnam and every war since have not needed to do, since society no longer requires them too.

Why do I think they are traitors? Because the Vietnam’s Tet offensive and the Middle East’s beheadings would never have occurred if the John “Hanoi” Kerry type protestors did not exist in America. These attacks and others are directed specifically at America’s heart and will. The home grown traitor’s protests have laid the ground work to make the enemies attacks effective in striking at our will. These protests embolden the enemy to continue their brutality. These protests now attack and weaken the will and unity of your average American. These protests are classic fifth column tactics which have been identified as traitorous.

So the Party of Hate is also the Party of War, accept when the war can be blamed on a Republican. Then the become the Anti-war Party, who’s protests mirror fifth column tactics and provide aid and comfort to the enemy.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


The events in Abu Graib and the hoopla surrounding them have been blown way out proportion. The motives for that are pretty obvious as the media reports only the bad and disturbing, in order to undermine the Bush administration and the new Iraqi government. The abuse in Abu Graib was trivial. The sexual connotations were disgusting and depraved, but as far as the reports go no one was hurt or killed.

Let's go over some the types of abuse;

Threats; these take place in EVERY incident involving the police worldwide. The police are continually threatening additional charges or an escalation of them to get additional cooperation. They do it to everyone, including underage kids. Common place procedures, not torture.

Depravation; sight, hearing, sleep and mobility depravation is used by police interrogators worldwide too. No Torture yet.

Sexual Posing; this is not something typically done in the USA, but it is not unheard of elsewhere. Most would find the sexual nature of some of this disgusting, but it is still not torture.

Beatings; no indication that any of this took place. This is actually used in many places to achieve information. I have no figures, but it is not a stretch to estimate that at least half of the population of the world can expect beatings if picked up by the police in their country. This is what most would call "light" torture.

Torture; electric shock, non-fatal hanging, body part removal, acid drips, etc. This is true torture. Not a hint of this type of thing taking place in Abu Graib since the overthrow of Saddam. This is common through out the world and especially in the Middle East. During Saddam's time this is all that took place in Abu Graib, where were the protestors and terrorists then?

Murder; the end result of too much torture. NONE of this was done when Americans were in control of Abu Graib. Again very common through out the Middle East, but then it is OK because it is Muslims killing Muslims. Seems the radical Muslims are just as big of hypocrites as the Democrats and the media in this country.

The word torture is in this case is as misused as "insurgent" or "resistance" are when used to describe the terrorists and thugs attacking the innocent in Iraq.

The terrorists that have been sawing heads off their victims have all been claiming that it is response to the torture and humiliation of Muslims in Abu Graib. So I blame EVERY beheading on the self serving and egotistical journalists. Their decision to make more of Abu Graib abuse than it deserved has inspired the terrorists to new heights of depravity. God save us from fools who think they know what is best for us.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Have we had enough of Clinton yet?

Just when you think he has slithered back under the rock, here he comes again. For some reason he has a way with the women, but I just see a sneaky redneck from Arkansas and I have always thought he was an immoral son of a bitch. They say son's marry a women that is like their mother and he sure has succeeded.

You know he has reappeared so he can overshadow sKerry's campaign and help Bush get re-elected. Thanks, but no thanks for the help, scumbag! He wants Bush to be re-elected, because he does not want a Democrat incumbent running for re-election in 2008. Not that there is much of a chance of that. You see, I think he made a promise to his old bag, I mean Hillary, to help her in any way to become President. Must be his way for apologizing for Monica and the rest of the women.

There are actually living human beings that want to vote for the Iron Bitch, I swear these people are human. Though to be truthful, she ran things during Slick Willy's terms and as long as she rides on a Republican's economic coat tails she couldn't screw up the economy this time either. Though four years of that forced smile, bad pant suits and that ass that is as big as a house would be too much. Well enough of the nightmares.

This pair of losers have got half of this country thinking that their screwed up marital relationship is normal. Hell, The Gays didn't want to get married until Bush was in the White House. Until they saw the Bush marriage it just didn't seem worth it. Marriage no longer seems to be the Hell the Clinton's made it out to be.

Even the liberal rag the NY Times thinks Clinton's book, "My Lie", errrrrr "My Life", is a narcissistic fairy tale. Anybody that still likes Clinton after his 8 sordid years in the White House and reading his tales needs to see a doctor. The 8 years were enough for most people, but after the book too, Lithium or Prozac anyone.

The thought of Hillary as President, almost makes me want to vote for Kerry. Do you think Billy Boy is really a loyal Democrat and that reverse psychology is part of the plan.

Well I have to go wash my hands and face, oh shit, I'll just go take a shower to get off the slime and smell just from writing about those two vipers.

Friday, June 18, 2004

911 is all the Republicans fault.

The Republicans failed to use the 1993 WTC bombing to set up a partizan commision to ignore their blame in it and place all blame on the other Party. Actually the 1993 WTC bombing was a completly Democrat Party debacle, so the transfer of blame would have been easy.

The Republicans failed to use a 1993 WTC bombing Commission to politically assasinate Clinton with the failures of every one of his government appointees and employees. I understand that Hillary had battle axed all of the Bush Sr. appointees by 1993, while their were still a number of Clinton appointees working for Bush on 9/11/01.

The Republicans 1993 WTC bombing Commission should have been held during 1996 election year to undermine Clinton’s campaign and get Dole elected. The Democrats have used their commission to also undermine the sitting American President, American Homeland security, our troops in the Middle East and have enboldened the enemy. Damn, their morals and values really shine through here.

The Republicans failed to use the 1993 WTC bombing to unseat Clinton and give America a chance to prevent the African Embassy Bombings, the Cole bombing and 9/11. With Clinton as President, America didn’t have a chance.

The “dirty tricks” Republicans do not stack up to the slimy politics of the Democrats. So, it is all the Republicans fault America did not have a chance to prevent the African Embassy Bombings, the Cole bombing and 9/11.................

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Democratic "Platform"

So let us examine some of the current Democrat causes,

The bad economy , oops the economy is booming, moving on....

The cost of prescription meds and health care for the elderly , Everyone I know pays for healthcare and meds. Everyone I know complains about the cost. Only the liberals want the government, AKA everyone who pays taxes, to pay for their health care costs. The elderly today have more money than their parents had and their children will, yet they sit around and complain about much they pay for medical care. They still seem to have enough money to buy a new car every couple of years, afford a winter home elsewhere, trips to exotic places and they spend an awful lot of time in the casinos. I have a decent job, working 40 hours a week, I pay for my family’s healthcare and I cannot afford a new car, winter home, trips or casinos. If I can live without these things, they can too. Asking taxpayers to pay more taxes, so the elderly have an extra $200.00 a month for the casino is outrageous. If an elderly person needs help to cover their basic needs, let's get it to them. If they want more spending money, forget it.

BTW Universal Heath Care is Socialized Medicine, it sucks and everyone who has it regrets it

The squeezed Middle Class , sKerry has the gall to get in front of people and claim that the Republicans have been hurting the Middle Class. I can’t remember the last time the Republicans raised my taxes. The only Party that has been squeezing me is the Democrats. They keep squeezing money out of me to pay for their special causes and programs, none of which benifit me or my family in any real way, because I earn too much money. SKerry is scrambling for reasons to justify his Party’s existence, there are none. The Party for taxpaying Americans is the Republican Party.

World and UN approval , I am sorry, but America does not need friends like France, Germany, Russia or the UN. America’s self-esteem does not require their stroking to remain high. Maybe Kerry and his followers need it, but America does not. The World is already ours and that is one of the reasons they hate us, they know it. They know they cannot survive without us and it irks them. Kerry can pander to the world all he wants, but not from the White House.

Iraq , oops things are going good and looking better every day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Two "good" stories out of Iraq.

The first story is self explainitory, the second one is written by an ex-soldier. I have reprinted these stories because after a week you have to register with the papers I copied them from.

Iraqi teen turned in his father, faces dangerous future
The Associated Press
6/14/04 9:18 AM
The Wall Street Journal
HUSAYBAH, Iraq -- One day in December, a smooth-chinned 14-year-old approached American soldiers at a checkpoint here and asked surreptitiously to be arrested. He told the soldiers that his father, an Iraqi Army officer under Saddam Hussein, led a 40-man cell of insurgents, and he agreed to show the troops where to find the men and their weapons.
The soldiers put a sack over the teen's head, loosely cuffed his hands and led him away to a new life as an informant. U.S. officials say he has provided a wealth of military intelligence, allowing them to capture numerous insurgents in Iraq over the past six months.
But the teenager's decision to turn on his father, who he says beat him, has cost him his family and his freedom. Since he began cooperating with the Americans, he has lived among U.S. troops, knowing that losing their protection would mean almost certain death at the hands of those he betrayed.
With the handover of sovereignty to an Iraqi government less than three weeks away, the troops who have used and befriended the teen are desperately seeking a way to get him to the U.S. The soldiers aren't sure how they can legally take the boy -- who isn't an orphan -- out of the country without it looking like Americans are stealing Iraqi children while there is no local government to stop them. It isn't likely he would qualify for entry into the U.S. without special governmental dispensation. And even if soldiers get him to the U.S., they'd still have to find an American family willing to take in an illiterate, street-hardened youngster who speaks little English.
Insurgents in Iraq know the teen's identity and that he has provided information to the Americans, according to the U.S. military. While U.S. commanders asked that his name and tribal affiliation not be disclosed, they are eager for publicity that might help the boy gain entry to the U.S. His story has been pieced together from interviews with him and U.S. military personnel, and from military records. While aspects of his personal history couldn't be verified because people involved are either dead, in U.S. custody elsewhere in Iraq or have moved, soldiers and Marines who have dealt with the teen say information he has provided about the insurgency has been accurate.
The boy grew up in Husaybah, a border city of some 100,000, known for its smugglers of weapons, gasoline and other goods. His father was a powerful man around town, thanks to his ties to the Hussein regime. Speaking through a military interpreter, the teen says he had completed the equivalent of the third grade when he dropped out of school at age 13. He can't read or write Arabic, except for a few simple words.
Some of his family memories are warm. He remembers his father happily cooking rice and dolma, grape leaves stuffed with mutton, tomatoes, peas and spices. But he also recalls the time his father brought home photos that pictured him beating a bound man with inch-thick cables. He thinks his father was trying to impress his mother with a show of force.
His father appeared to snap, the teen says, after Mr. Hussein's regime fell in April 2003. He says his father spent time and money to build a network of insurgents to fight the Americans, and succumbed to frequent rages, beating his children more severely than ever before. Once, he says, his father tied his left hand to his left foot, and right hand to his right foot, and beat him "with anything that came into his hands."
His body bears witness to the violence around him. His scalp is a roadmap of scars from beatings and an accident. The skin on the back of his left hand is disfigured from the time he says his father accused him of stealing money and used a red-hot spoon to punish him. The teen recalls crying for days, in part because his mother didn't come to his rescue.
He says he joined the resistance at his father's insistence, and never fired a shot. During his first operation, an ambush of an American patrol in November, he wedged himself into a pile of garbage from a local hospital, he says, trying to hide. He pulled his long-sleeved black T-shirt -- the battle dress of the local mujahedeen -- over his nose to mask the stench. Then he says he hid his AK-47 rifle amid the soiled syringes and empty food cans, and ran home to his mother.
After the gunplay died down, the teen says he retrieved his rifle from the trash, emptied bullets from his magazines, and told his father he had fired at the Americans. His father patted him on the shoulder and said, "I'm proud of you," according to the boy. "You did a good job, my son." The Americans are all "Jews and Christians," he recalls his father saying. "They are strangers occupying our country. God will send our souls to paradise for fighting them."
A while later, his father and others placed a bomb some 30 yards from an overpass above a stream and waited until a military convoy passed, he says. The idea was to flush the troops out with the explosion, then gun them down as they left their vehicles. The teen says he was supposed to fire on the soldiers.
Instead, he says he hid under the bridge in shallow water during the attack, hitting his head on a steel bar and opening a long gash on his head. The scar that runs back-to-front down the middle of his head is a result of that, he says. He spent the night concealed under the overpass, narrowly escaping capture, he says, by an American soldier sweeping the area with a flashlight attached to his rifle.
By this time his qualms about fighting were overwhelming, he says. He knew his father to be a cruel man, and his father's description of the Americans didn't match the soldiers he saw in the street, who sometimes handed candy or clothes to children they passed. "The Americans hadn't hit me or tortured me, so I didn't want to shoot them," he says.
The morning after the bridge attack, he told his mother that he had been with his father. She was angry with her son and her husband. "You're still a child," he remembers her saying. "It's not fair to involve you in all of this."
The youngster tried to leave town once to stay with relatives elsewhere. His father's men found him at the train station, he says, and hauled him home. His parents fought over the incident, and his father accused him of cowardice. "I want you to be my backup. I don't want you to fear anyone," he recalls his father saying. "I want you to be a man."
"Do you think I'm a woman?" he says he answered. "I probably killed or wounded a soldier." But the teen suspected his father knew he was lying.
The next day, Dec. 3, he told his family he had decided to go to Syria to find work. Instead, he put on a white robe, beige jacket and blue sandals and sidled up to American soldiers near the border checkpoint. Through a military translator, he convinced them he had information to provide, and asked that the soldiers make a public display of arresting him, so he would not be seen as a collaborator, according to military records.
The soldiers pushed him into a Humvee and drove him to their camp, according to the teen and First Sgt. Daniel Hendrex, of Dragon Company, First Squadron, Third Armored Cavalry Regiment.
The boy's knowledge turned out to be immensely valuable, according to military records and officers who dealt with him. Soldiers immediately raided a yard next to the boy's house and arrested his father along with a second man, according to First Sgt. Hendrex and his company commander at the time, Capt. Chad M. Roehrman. The second man was a Syrian, the boy says. Hidden from view, the youngster pointed to several spots in the yard, and in each one, soldiers dug up a trove of rocket-propelled grenades, rockets and hand grenades.
Under interrogation by Army special forces soldiers, also known as Green Berets, the teen's father and the Syrian man denied any knowledge of the weapons. Then the interrogators, apparently hoping to get the men to confess, showed the prisoners a photo of the teen, revealing him as their informant, according to First Sgt. Hendrex and Capt. Roehrman.
The interrogators "thought that was the best and quickest way" to get information from the men, recalls Capt. Roehrman, who talked to the interrogators afterwards.
The interrogators had no evidence connecting the Syrian to insurgent activities, so they released him, according to Capt. Roehrman, a 29-year-old from Ellsworth, Kan. Inevitably, that meant the teen's actions became known in Husaybah, according to the captain and first sergeant.
"The next day, everyone in Husaybah knew I had betrayed them," the teen says. "I was terrified." Insurgents constantly threaten to assassinate collaborators in the area, and frequently carry out those threats, according to U.S. military officials and the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, a U.S.-created force that polices the area. The teen says he was especially worried about his mother's welfare.
"It was beyond risky" to reveal the boy's role, says First Sgt. Hendrex, 34. "We weren't happy with it when we found out."
Yet even without the release of the second man, the teen's family probably would have guessed that he had turned his father in, says Lt. Col. Gregory Reilly, commander of the First Squadron, Third Armored Cavalry Regiment. "They can connect the dots," he says. The boy "goes away and we show up."
In response to questions about the incident, Col. Jill Morgenthaler, the top coalition public-affairs officer in Iraq, said the military is now investigating whether special forces troops gave away the teen's identity. "We're looking into this," Col. Morgenthaler said in a telephone interview. "This really goes against the principle of keeping one's sources secret for his or her protection."
The boy's father remains in coalition custody in Iraq, according to Col. Morgenthaler.
One day not long after the father's arrest, First Sgt. Hendrex says he was in the squadron's tactical-operations center when the boy pointed to a photo on a computer screen. "Mujahedeen," he said, describing the man pictured as a major financier of insurgent operations. First Sgt. Hendrex checked the files and found the teen's description matched military-intelligence reports. Soon the youngster had identified 30 of the 40 or so pictures the Army had on hand, according to First Sgt. Hendrex and military records.
"My jaw almost hit the floor," First Sgt. Hendrex says. "Here was a kid who knew the inner workings of basically all the people we were fighting against there in Husaybah."
The Army began taking the teen out on raids and patrols, with First Sgt. Hendrex -- who became the boy's closest American friend -- as his escort and protector. Soldiers would dress him in a balaclava, a headwrap that covered his face, and dark sunglasses, and take him in an armored Humvee. At 5-foot-6, he was small enough to fit in the cramped area behind the feet of the turret gunner.
As they drove down the streets of Husaybah, he would identify people and houses. In exchange, he received a total reward of about $1,000, and the affection of those around him, says First Sgt. Hendrex. He figures the soldiers took the teen on some 25 operations between December and the squadron's departure from Iraq in March. Military records show the youngster had a high rate of success in identifying alleged insurgents, whom he says he knew through his father.
On the day he approached U.S. troops, a soldier kiddingly gave the teen the nickname Steve-O. Another soldier thinks that was a reference to a character in Jackass, a raunchy MTV show. Along the way, the name stuck and became the teen's code name in military reports and on missions.
Before the boy arrived, "we just weren't getting a lot of information" from locals, says Lt. Col. Reilly, 43, from Sacramento, Calif. His tips led to arrests, which led to more intelligence, which led to more arrests. The boy "got the ball rolling," Lt. Col. Reilly says.
The Humvee that Steve-O rode in during his operations came under attack three times. Once, a huge roadside bomb -- made from a buried 155 mm artillery shell -- blew up as they passed by the hospital. The teen and the first sergeant escaped unscathed, but three others in the Humvee were wounded.
The Army judged the risk worthwhile. The boy's memory for names and faces was keen, First Sgt. Hendrex and Capt. Roehrman say. After a roadside bomb attack near a busy market street, Steve-O spotted the trigger man and led the soldiers first to the man's house and then to the man's grandfather's house. There, soldiers found him wounded and hiding, according to the Army's report on the operation. Steve-O even identified insurgents who were working inside the Army's base, according to military records and First Sgt. Hendrex.
On their last mission together before the Army turned over control of the area to the Marines, the first sergeant agreed to the teen's request to visit his home. "I wanted to see my mom one more time," he says. The Army had earlier given her money and encouraged her to leave the area, First Sgt. Hendrex says. This time, they found the home in shambles, and the family gone.
While the teen remained hidden in a Humvee and out of earshot, First Sgt. Hendrex talked to a relative. The relative told him an Iraqi gunman shot the boy's mother in the stomach in early January. The relative thought she was probably dead, but he wasn't certain.
It took the first sergeant until the next day to get up the nerve to tell the boy the news. He took him aside in front of the squadron's command post, its "Brave Rifles" logo above the door, and told him his mother had been shot by the mujahedeen. The boy sobbed, and the first sergeant wrapped him in his arms, both recall.
"Stay safe while we do everything we can to get you out," First Sgt. Hendrex wrote Steve-O, just before his unit left Iraq in March. The note included a couple pictures of the youngster grinning, his arm clutching the first sergeant at this side. The first sergeant gave him a floppy camouflage hat with "Hendrex" stitched into it in Arabic. "When you get to the States, you have to give it back to me," both the teen and First Sgt. Hendrex recall the soldier saying. The first sergeant is back at home in Fort Carson, Colo., where his regiment is based.
The Marines, who now control the area, have been more reluctant than the Army to use the teen as an intelligence source. He still identifies suspects when they're brought into the base, Marines say. But Lt. Col. Matthew Lopez, commander of Third Battalion, Seventh Marine Regiment, refuses to allow him to leave the base. It is just too dangerous for a minor, he says.
"It's hard for me to comprehend how a 14-year-old could have been put through that by his own family," says Lt. Col. Lopez, a 40-year-old Chicagoan who says his own mother had often taken in foster children.
The boy picks up what English he can from the Marines, or speaks Arabic with the military's translators. He quickly became friends with Marine Lance Cpl. Akram Falah, a 23-year-old Jordanian-American from Anaheim, Calif. They ate together and spoke Arabic together. Lance Cpl. Falah urged Steve-O to save his money. The teen teased the Marine by pronouncing his name, "Falalalalalah" -- mimicking the ululating sound Arab women make when celebrating. But Lance Cpl. Falah was shot in the arm during an ambush in April, and evacuated to the U.S.
First Sgt. Hendrex says he and Capt. Roehrman are trying to get the boy to the U.S. They have contacted attorneys, lawmakers and the State Department. For the moment, First Sgt. Hendrex says, U.S. diplomats advise them to wait until there is a sovereign Iraqi government, and they know what Iraqi law will be regarding adoptions.
"What we're doing is looking for a safe, caring place for him to live," says Col. Morgenthaler. "The United States is one option."
Stuart Patt, a spokesman for the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs, says a minor without skills or resources would be unlikely to qualify for a normal immigrant or visitor's visa. U.S. law bars adoptions without the permission of parents, unless a court rules the parents incompetent. "There has to be a court somewhere that has the capacity to remove the parents' parental rights," Mr. Patt says. "But the situation in Iraq is such that that's not likely to be accomplished in the immediate future."
The most promising option, Mr. Patt says, would be "humanitarian parole," a special status that was granted to the Iraqi lawyer who helped free Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch after she was captured last year. Bill Strassberger, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, says that until officials receive a formal application for the youngster, "it would be impossible to say whether he would qualify or not for some form of parole." No one has yet applied on the boy's behalf.
"If we bring him into the States, we want to tie him into a Muslim family," says First Sgt. Hendrex in a telephone interview. "We don't want to pull him completely out of a Muslim context." But the first sergeant, whose wife is pregnant with their first child, says if necessary the couple will try to find some way to adopt the boy themselves. The teen says he already considers the first sergeant to be like a father.
These days, he spends his time lifting weights, watching war movies or action films on DVDs owned by the troops, and hanging out with the seven Marines with whom he shares a plywood-walled sleeping area. He wears his hair Marine-style, tight on the sides and high on top, and sports a set of fatigues the Marines gave him. His bunk is curtained off by a zebra-patterned blanket, and he has wedged a stuffed bulldog into the metal footboard.
In a wooden ammo box, he keeps his belongings: an American flag folded with military precision into a triangle, deodorant sticks given to him by soldiers, a box of Crayola crayons, fingerless gloves for weightlifting, a digital camera and First Sgt. Hendrex's floppy hat. If all else fails, some Marines say, only half-jokingly, they will hand Steve-O a rifle and march him onto the plane when the battalion leaves Iraq, in late summer or early fall.
At night, the teen says he sometimes wakes up in tears, thinking about his mother. For comfort, he assures himself all that has happened has been God's will. "If they don't take me to the States, I'm definitely going to be killed," he says matter-of-factly. He says he would like to return to school and one day enlist in the Army or Marine Corps. "I just want to be one of the American troops," he says.

June 14, 2004, 8:29 a.m.
Iraqi Soldiers Save U.S. Marine
Good stories are not uncommon, but rarely reported.

By W. Thomas Smith Jr.
“I was walking beside the Marine, then we heard gunfire, and I saw that the American Marine was shot. Then I realized it was just me and him, so I quickly started shooting at the enemy." — Private Imad Abid Zeid Jassim, Iraqi Civil Defense Corps
Portions of Iraqi Private Imad Abid Zeid Jassim's citation for bravery reads: "...[A]s the firefight ensued, under a hail of enemy fire that was accurately targeted on the wounded [U.S.] Marine, and without regard for his own safety, Private Imad Jassim moved forward into the enemy fire and came to the aid of the wounded Marine. He dragged the wounded Marine out of the line of fire to a covered and concealed position...reengaged the enemy...aggressively pushed forward...dislodged the enemy fighters.... His efforts clearly saved the life of the Marine...."
On the evening of May 30, 2004, Jassim and his fellow members of 4th Platoon, India Company, Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC) were jointly patrolling the streets of Al Karmah, near Fallujah, with leathernecks from 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. All at once, the patrol was ambushed from the rear by enemy insurgents. A U.S. Marine was instantly struck down with a gunshot wound to the leg.
Reacting as they had been trained to do by their U.S. counterparts, the Iraqis swung into action.
Jassim, who was standing closest to the Marine when the latter was hit, immediately returned fire.
Sergeant Abdullah Sadoon Isa, Corporal Eiub Muhamad Hussane, and Private Ahmad Lazim Garib raced toward-and-beyond the downed American. Constantly under fire and simultaneously returning fire, Sgt. Isa quickly positioned other members of his platoon between the wounded man and the enemy.
Jassim and another private, Kather Nazar Abbas, stopped shooting long enough to begin dragging the American to a position of relative safety. Bullets and at least one rocket-propelled grenade zinged past their heads as they managed to pull the Marine behind a wall. A U.S. Navy medical corpsman rushed forward to render first aid. The Iraqis and the Americans continued battling the enemy force.
The response to the ambush was textbook. "The ICDC ultimately assaulted through the enemy's position and pushed them out," said 2nd Lt. Charles Anklin III, of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines.
On Friday, Maj. Gen. James N. Mattis, commanding general of the 1st Marine Division, and Col. John A. Toolan, commanding officer of Regimental Combat Team 1; decorated the five aforementioned Iraqi soldiers for their "heroic achievement" during an awards ceremony at Camp India in Nassar Wa Salaam. The awards included two Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medals and three Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medals. Each of the medals included combat "V"s for valor.
"You've witnessed the bravery of these soldiers from India Company, who were willing to shed blood with Marines to make sure we get a free Iraq," said Toolan, before a gathering that included Iraqi military leaders and local village sheiks. "The important aspect is that the Coalition and Iraqi forces have worked together, and the bond you see between the ICDC soldiers and Marines has become rock-tight."
Private Jassim added that the firefight created an even stronger bond between Iraqi (ICDC) soldiers and American Marines. Speaking through an interpreter, he said, "I feel very, very bad the Marine was shot because they are like my brothers now, but I'm ready to go out again. I'm always ready."
The ICDC soldiers not only saved the life of an American, but their actions served as an example of the ongoing coordination and positive developing-relations between the U.S. and Iraq. This was good news. It was not an isolated event. Unfortunately, so little of this kind of news ever gets any ink.
This is one of the many "positive" albeit rarely told stories coming out of Iraq, U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson (R., S.C.) told NRO from his Washington office on Saturday.
Wilson believes such stories must receive equal time with the negative ones if the U.S. military is to continue garnering needed support at home and abroad. He should know. A 31-year veteran officer of the U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard as well as a current member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, Wilson has recently traveled to both Iraq and Afghanistan as part of congressional delegations. And his keen interest in the futures of both countries is both professional and personal. Wilson has four sons. The oldest three are military officers: Two are serving in the Army. One is in the Navy. The oldest son is currently stationed in Iraq.

Last Thursday, Wilson was part of a group meeting with Iraqi president Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawar; al-Yawar said that there were more representatives of the various news media per capita in Iraq than anywhere else in the world. The Iraqi president added, that may well be the reason there seems to be only "bad news" coming out of Iraq.
"Of course, we want the media there," says Wilson. "But problems arise when there are too many reporters in one place, all in competition with one another, all trying to outdo each other." According to Wilson, there is a growing consensus on both sides of the political fence — particularly among those who have toured Iraq — as well as among members of the new Iraqi leadership, that competition for the "big story" is forcing reporters to concentrate on "the ten percent negative stories, while ignoring the 90 percent good, positive stories." That's not only unfair. It's strategically dangerous.
Recalling comments made during a meeting between U.S. Army Gen. John Abizaid and a congressional delegation in Afghanistan, Wilson said, the rejection of good stories by competing media is not just a belief shared by members of the Republican party. "I remember [Democrat] Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee making the comment that 'good news has no legs, and bad news has wings,'" he says. It's simply a reaffirmation of the newsman's clichéd adage, "If it doesn't bleed, it doesn't lead."
That's not to say there aren't important negative stories coming out of Iraq. But there are just as many — if not more — important positive stories that could be written about events taking place in that country. Unfortunately, stories about hospitals being renovated, little girls learning the basics of math and science for the first time, or five brave Iraqi men being decorated for saving the life of a wounded American, are not nearly as dramatic as a roadside bombing or an assassination.
— A former U.S. Marine infantry leader and paratrooper, W. Thomas Smith Jr. is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in a variety of national and international publications. His third book, Alpha Bravo Delta Guide to American Airborne Forces, has just been published.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Bill Clinton's legacy?

I will recount Bill Clinton's actions on the day of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. I have been told that he was studying a speech to promote his "plan" for the economy when word of the attack was given to him. The World Trade Center WAS the largest building in the country and I would expect that an attack on that building would have had a greater effect on Billy Boy's day than it did. Slick Willy made a fateful decision that day to ignore the national security issues of that attack and made it a FBI/Criminal matter, so he could get back to his "economy" speech.

That fateful decision tied the hands of the CIA and the FBI. By declaring this obvious national security issue as a criminal matter, Billy did not do his job. Because it was a criminal matter the FBI could NOT share info with the CIA or any other intelligence agency. These agencies had to glean the information from court transcripts, a delay of a year or more.

Now I know hindsight is 20-20, but you know that partisan panel investigating 9-11 will hammer Republicans for their failures to anticipate the 9/11 attack 8 months after taking office. They will also let that dumb ass Bill Clinton off for his failure to put in place the necessary measures to prevent 9-11 in the 6 YEARS following the 1993 attack, which was followed by the African Embassy bombings and the Cole bombing.

While the Islamic terrorists were bombing America’s buildings, ramping up their networks and swelling their ranks with new recruits, Clinton was busy cutting the intelligence budgets. While Clinton kept expanding America’s peacekeeping commitments, he was busy cutting the military by 30%. Now I know I didn’t get a tax cut during his agonizing two terms, so where did the money go? More special interest projects? A new dress for the Iron Bi…..eerrrrrr Hilary? 30% cut in the US military should have just about wiped out the National Debt in 4 years.

After listening to the Media’s unusually flattering recounting of Reagan’s legacy, I could not help but ponder what Willy’s legacy will be? The first able-bodied President that let his wife set his term’s agenda. The President that neglected our national pride and allowed it to wither again. The President that decimated our ability to defend the country from terrorism. The President that looked for every opportunity to socialize things in our capitalist country. The President that set the stage for 9/11, the worst attack on this country in 50 years. No, all of this will be marginalized and forgotten. Bill Clinton will be remembered for Monica. If you asked my kids what they remember about Bill Clinton, they would say Monica.

The Military and Republicans.

My first poster rattled my cage and put this thought into my head.

If the Military is not very highly paid(Lower middle class pay) and the Republican's are only for the rich, why is it that an overwhelming majority of active duty service people vote for Republican Presidents?

I think the Military think they will be treated properly by Republicans. I think the Military like having a boss that is a Patriot and that has America's security and values in mind with every decision. I think they like having a boss that takes his Commander in Cheif title seriously and doesn't regard it as an inconvenient part of the Constitution that they will choose to ignore as much as possible.

Clinton ignored the two duties given to him by the Constitution, CIC and Foreign Policy. The economy or welfare is not a President’s job, it is the Legislative Branch’s job. It is not the President’s job to protect/promote Gay rights or Abortion rights, it is the Judicial Branch’s job.

The Military has become more knowledgeable of how government is supposed to work than the average voter, because they both affect them in a very personal way. Most military persons will concider a Democrat for a Legislative Branch office, but very few will vote for a Democrat Presidential Candidate. Maybe because I am a vet, maybe because it is still in me, but I still vote the same way they do 20 years later. To me, it just makes sense with what I see.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Ronald Reagan 1911-2004

I am absolutely flabbergasted by the outpouring of fond emotion for a Republican President. This weekend I have learned a lot about the man. Reagan was the first President I every voted for. Back then it was for purely selfish reasons, I was in the Navy and he was promising to give us raises. Sounded good to me.

So, what were Reagan's accomplishments:

Reagan ended the Cold War. Back in 1980, a rumor in the military was predicting the fall of communism in Russia sometime after 2005. Reagan's military spending bankrupted Russia by 1989. Those 16 years may not seem like much to those of us in the USA, but to those on the other side of the Wall it is an eternity.

Reagan gave the USA it's pride back. America was reeling from memories from Vietnam, the Iranian Hostage fiasco, the Oil Embargo, the impotent Carter Administration and other events which left Americans feeling vulnerable and weak. Reagan re-infused the country with a sense of Patriotism and strength. Reagan did not want just Republicans to be Patriots, he wanted all Americans to love their country and have pride in it again. There was a time when Americans rallied around the flag without regard to their political leanings. That is no longer true, for whatever reason they have, many fringe liberals see patriotism as the same thing as Nationalism or Nazism. Their loss.

Reagan made the first attempt to end Big government. Tax cuts, what a unique idea! The Federal Government was not established to do all of the micro-management of people’s lives that the liberals want it to do. I personally believe that if they want that level of government in their lives there are plenty of other counties that are socialist enough for them. The USA was established as a republic and it should remain that way. BTW a deficit after a tax cut is not the tax cut's fault, it is the politician's because they did not cut enough out of the budget.

Reagan was one of the first to understand that Religion and Morality were under attack in America. His speeches were continually pointing out that Religion, Morality and Politics were intertwined and historically part of the fabric of American life. He would be very saddened to see the immorality of many liberal causes and politicians and also the constant attacks on Christianity by the liberals (ACLU) too.

Many of the pundits have mentioned parallels between Reagan and GWB. I see them and I believe that the efforts of both of these courageous men will be remembered as historic and important turning points for the US.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Kerry's Promises?

So when are we going to hear how he plans to make good on his promises?

A few days a go, he promised end all bio-weapon propagation and manufacture around the world. I would like an explanation on how he is going to do that. Does he have a magic wand that will make them all disappear? Does he think that the whole world will love and listen to the USA, just because he is the President?

I have heard him promise to mend fences around the world and gather an international coalition to fight terrorism. Is he going to use that wand again? Is he going to bribe these countries and compromise our economy and/or security? I imagine that he is mostly referring to the European countries. You know, those countries that are continually voting against the US in the UN. The same countries that still resent America for liberating them from Hitler. The countries that have never paid back a dime of the Marshall plan money America poured into Europe? Just which one of these ungrateful bastard's asses is he going to kiss? From what I know of Kerry, probably all of them. These countries are pacifistic appeasers that shirked their responsibilities before and will continue to do so no matter who is the President of the USA.

He is also going to do things differently in Iraq. He claims Bush never had a good plan. I would agree that Bush's plans did not entirely work right, but to claim Iraq is a total failure because Bush did not have a plan is ridiculous. So what is Kerry's plan? He claims to have one, so where is it?

That is a big problem with Kerry. He never tells us how he is going to DO the things he promises. What he does tell us is that the average voter is too stupid to understand his vision. Maybe he was only talking about the voters stupid enough to vote for him.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

America won the Vietnam War.

Oh, I know, we fled in disgrace[sic]. But not until we had made the North’s supporters, Russia and China, expend so much energy that they were not able to expand communism during the war. At the beginning of the war, in 1961, there were more than a dozen communist countries in Asia. Today there are less than five.

In 1960, John F. Kennedy is inaugurated as President and says, "...we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to insure the survival and the success of liberty." Worthy and noble goals, which were betrayed by his own Party and by many who voted for him. A majority of those that opposed the Vietnam War were led astray by a select few that I consider a fifth column. The media and protest leaders like John Kerry undermined the will of this country to fight the good fight. We did not lose that war on the ground over there, but we lost it in the streets and on the TV at home.

Tell a Vietnam Vet that he did not lose the war and he will argue with you. But the Vet did not lose the war, if the war was a "loss" the politicians did it, the protestors did it and the Democratic (Division) Party did it. The Vet is an American hero and should be treated that way. We need to quit telling him that we lost that war.

I see the same fifth column at work today. I see the same forces of misinformation and dissent at work against the troops fighting the War on Terror, of which the “Battle” for Iraq is but one part. I see the Diversity Party hard at work dividing this country once again. The difference this time is this time it is a fight for our survival and not just for a worthy and noble cause like Liberty. I see a Party, so desperate for the Presidency that undermining the WOT, endangering our troops and emboldening the enemy, is worth it.

Unity or Diversity? You make the call. You can't celebrate our similarities while pointing out our differences.

Democrats and their revisionist history.

Eisenhower has gotten a lot of press lately, and much of it has been very favorable. But, my lost and confused Aunt has been listening to the liberal rewrite of history and has forgotten the truth. Or she just does not want to remember. She calls Eisenhower a Republican and spits the name out like it gives her a bad taste. It is true he was elected President as a Republican, but the Democrats wanted him to run on their ticket, so must have not been too much of a hard core Republican. He was most likely more of an Independent. He said he chose Republican, because even in the fifties the DEMons were creating big government programs. He was also an anticommunist and knew socialism is a very small step away.

Anyway my Aunt, recalling the revised history once again, said Eisenhower got us into to the Vietnam war. What he did was, support the French and later the South’s President Diem, with arms and advisors. This is something we have done and continue to do all over the world. We are currently doing this in Columbia, the Philippines and Thailand to name a few. We have been helping these countries in this way for years, including during the Clinton administration. Eisenhower is not to blame for the escalation of American involvement in Vietnam.

Kennedy took office with many promises to stand up to attacks on liberty wherever they happen. Eisenhower privately warned Kennedy that he might have to send troops to Vietnam to back up those promises. Kennedy is the first President to send troops whose role was specifically to train and then lead native troops into combat. Johnson seemed to revel in the day to day intrigues the Vietnam War brought to the White House. It took the strength of will of a crooked Republican named Nixon to end American involvement in the Democrat’s war. A war they refuse to admit they started.

So my dear misguided Aunt, vilifies a WWII hero because he rejected the Democrat’s pleas to run on their ticket. She blames this same hero for a war that was actually caused by his successor, President Kennedy, whom she idolizes. This hated war was escalated by another Democrat named Johnson. And this Democrat’s war was ended by one of the most vilified Republican Presidents of the 20th Century.

Can you just see the irony?