Friday, February 25, 2005

"Hate" by pntblank

I found this post at . The string was a started by a Conservative and it was complaining about the damage being done to America by Liberals. Of course, the first response was from a liberal(closet) complaining that the first post was hatefilled.

This post got my interest because it was blunt, "pointblank" and sounds like me.


I have been around a long time. Long enough to hate the Nazis, long enough to hate the communists long enough to hate the liberals and their urge todestroy this country. I also hate the unions, I belonged to five unions in my lifetime and everyone of them had officers that were thieves. Hate is what keeps me going.

You fucken socialists are steadily losing our freedoms for us and the sad part is that you don't know you are doing it. Are you all as stupid as you sound and write. You want to negotiate with madmen that are sworn to kill all of us. I suggest you make up a large committee of leftists to negotiate with the muslims and I bet you can't get three of you cowards to join the committee. You are always ready and willing to trade some of our freedom for promises from bastards that you already know won't keep their word. You are all a bunch of weak minded and spineless Social misfits who want queer marriage welfare for all, free medical for everyone, pensions of more money than you made when and if you worked. You all like that crap, so why don't you all go to Sweden or France or anywhere they have socialism already going strong and bankrupting the country. None of you can see the danger in that kind of government and it proves just how stupid you really are.

That Berlin guy is an excellent example. He says he was a 1st Lt. but he hasn't got the sense to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel. And Kit is a closet liberal that tries to con us into believing he is sort of conservative. It’s BS.

Yes I do HATE you leftist socialist liberals for the damage you have done to my country. I hate you more than I hated the Nazis, because they were at least fighting for their country and you pussywillows want to tear our country down. He who won't defend or fight for his freedom does not deserve to be free and shouldn't expect another man to defend him because he does not deserve to live as a free man. You try your best to elect traitors like clinton and kerry and wimps like johnson, carter and not one of them is worth a hand full of the peanut vendors wares. I will get a lot of flack for this post and most of it will not make sense because we must consider the source. As our president said. Bring it on, a Phrase that the leftist demos thought was terrible because it might upset some other country. Well, tough shit. A country must have backbone too which is more than I can say for the spine-less leftwing assholes.


I did run it through a spell checker and minor punctuation, but this is it. There are references to other posters, but that doesn't ruin it.

This guy is mad. He is as mad as I am and as mad as you should be! Liberals are not the only people allowed to HATE!

I am not alone... I have not gone off the deep end... Someone else sees the same Liberal damage to America that I see. Thanks PB

Thursday, February 24, 2005

I Love Ann Coultier!

This woman rocks! No other way to say it.

She is the perfect foil for Dowd.

She really nails the Hypocrites for their attacks on Gannon/Guckert in her REPUBLICANS, BLOGGERS AND GAYS, OH MY! February 23, 2005 column.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Liberate the Children!

There are a lot of predictions of when the Liberals AKA Democrats will start claiming that THEY helped liberate Iraq. Months and months of endless whining, Vietnam comparisons and quagmire references do NOT qualify as help. The lining of Combat boots in school auditoriums, pictures of flag draped coffins and the endless references to the "occupation" of Iraq, also do NOT count as help. The almost gleeful sounds made at the news of troop deaths in Iraq and hopeful anticipation of complete failure there, are NOT indications of help or support either.

Conservatives, people that voted for Bush and the fantastic people in the US Military liberated Iraq. Much like all endless wasteful social engineering program I disagreed with, but was forced to pay for, liberals disagreed with, but were forced to pay for the liberation of Iraq. If I or they would have had a choice, we would have kept our money.

The best and most appropriate analogy is that the Adults(Conservatives) are in the front seat driving and the Children(Liberals) in the back seat are impatiently asking repeatedly, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Anyone that voted for Kerry and claims to have helped liberate Iraq will get an earful from me!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Boycott Colorado!

Tell Colorado it is a choice between Churchill or us.

It is time for a boycott of Colorado until they shit can Churchill. This America hating piece of shit has a fake heritage and a fake degree and like most liberals fake morals. My Indian heritage is better documented than this scumbag’s. Seems an ancestor of his had an Indian stepmother, while my French-Canadian Father and Grandfather had a reddish complection and none of us has much tolerance for hard liquor.

The disgusting slimebag Churchill can use his free speech to say horrible things about America and it’s citizens and it’s citizens can use their free speech and free will to tell Colorado what they think of him.

Go to Montana resorts instead of Vail. It’s cheaper and the skiing is better anyway. What ever you can do in Colorado, can be done better somewhere else? Colorado wears a lot of shirts, but none of them look good on it.

Monday, February 07, 2005

A response to Kitt.

At 2/4/2005, Kitt said...

Come on, know that's not true. They're not supporting Ward Churchill or specifically, the essay that he wrote - they're supporting the protection of speech, free speech, regardless of the political persuasion of the proponent.

You apparently are blind to our (the U.S.) involvement in things that aren't always on the up-and-up. Personally, I think it's more than un-American not to be aware and to speak about it than to ignore it completely and/or deny it. It traitorous and it speaks to the lack of knowledge about our country's founding and core values.

I find it amazing Kitt that you know, that I know, I am lying to myself. Are you a Psychic? This is what I do know.

Churchill's free speech seems to be the only speech the liberals are interested in protecting. The whole issue is political. His words are disgusting to more than half of his employers(Taxpayers) and this foul being should be cut loose to inflict himself on the private sector. There has to be some scumbag liberal college that will scarf him up, just because of his anti-American hate-essay.

Personally, I find your liberal ideas of what our country's founding principles and core values are different than my conservative ideas. Just because you interpret something to mean something, doesn’t mean you are right. There is nothing more un-American than voting for a Traitor and being on the un-American side of every issue like the Democrats have been lately. The Democrat Party of JFK and Humphrey is dead. It is now lead by people and ideas, those two great men would find repulsive. Jack would be telling Ted to grow up and shut up. The true spirit of Kennedy's, "Ask Not!" speech is only heard and taken to heart by Neocon's now!

The only blindness I see is yours. You are blind to the damage the Democrat Party's constant nit picking is doing to our country. Liberals complete inability to let anything go and/or cooperate with conservatives is dividing America in ways that may never be repaired. You Liberals are children still throwing your tantrum.

As an example My State Legislature, both houses, had a referendum to honor Ronald Reagan for his public service. This is a typical thing done to honor Presidents that have died in the previous year. It has always been done in the past without any dissent. This time was different, the Democrats just had to get up and denounce a dead man. How pathetic of them? Of course Liberals were proud of them for their bravery, while the rest of us were disgusted by their childish self-centeredness. When Carter or Clinton die, you will hear nothing but praise for them from both sides of the aisle. Not because they were good presidents(neither was even adequate), but because good people don’t speak ill of the dead.

Jefferson NEVER said, "Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism". The only place I have ever seen that quote is on liberal blogs. He did say, "Political dissention is doubtless a less evil than the lethargy of despotism, but still it is a great evil, and it would be as worthy the efforts of the patriot as of the philosopher, to exclude its influence, if possible, from social life."

Kitt, as much as you THINK you have the moral high ground on these issues, you don’t even come close. Conservatives are better people than Liberals in every category.(A new post soon) Liberal’s idea of the core values and founding principles don’t not represent the real values and principles held by our founders. Liberals hold "Dissent" in higher esteem than"God". Jefferson the most often referred to founder by liberals has a huge(2,700 item) library of quotes on the web. In searches of that library, Dissent is mentioned twice and God is mentioned 44 times. Seems God was more important to Jefferson than dissent was and more than you want to admit!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Liberalism's latest manifesto of hatred and self-loathing.

I just left a Blog who’s most vocal members support Prof.(sic) Churchill. This bag of slime has said that America deserves what it got on 9/11 and encourages more attacks. He implies that the victims of 9/11 were not innocent and compares Americans to, get this, Nazis. Are we surprized? No, I guess not. The depravity and distortions of American Liberals today knows no bounds.

The scumbag Prof., beside being butt ugly, is a Public Employee and he has publically condemned everyone that pays his check, they don’t like that and he should go. He has already said he will resist, so we the people will have to eject him.

His writings are the blatherings of an America Hating anarchist and any normal American should be disgusted by them. It does not surprise me to find words of encouragement and praise for him on that blog.

There is a Marine General that said that it "was fun" to kill the Taliban women beaters and oppressors. That’s free speech! You Libs are all over this guy and calling for his resignation. Why is saying it is fun to kill Taliban thugs wrong, but encouraging and cheering the killing thousands of innocent American workers is OK? I am sorry I forget that only American "Imperialist" Nazis deserve death and dismemberment.

Is it because the Liberals in this country are so blinded by hatred that they have fallen off the cliff to an unreal world of their own creation. I watch Boxer, Kennedy and Churchill piss and moan and I wonder, Where do these people live? The world I live in is full of prosperity and hope! I pity the fools that insist on living in a world of hate and despair. They are sad pathetic people.

I encourage all of you people that hate America and it's policies so much to leave! Despite what your disgusting ideas tell you, you will not be missed! Use your free will and go! You are not important to the continued future of America! I encourage you to go! Self-loathing is not a proud American pasttime! See ya! Your value to the fabric of American society is non-existent! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

Powerline's continuing UN Follies! and other tales!

This would be funny if it wasn't true. Another reason the USA needs to reduce funding UN.

On top of the the above story of the UN praising the Islamic Terrorists, is the following story about how the UN's corrupt management of the Oil For Food program has created a pool of money the terrorists in Iraq are using to commit murder in Iraq.

This story is the reason Iraqis are allowed to have one AK in every home!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Liberals have Doom and Gloom, I have Hope!

It must be a sad dark place liberals live in. All that hate and fear just closing in. The world I live in is looking brighter everyday.

There 50 million newly freed people and a chance that freedom may spread. Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans have all voted in free elections. This has never happened in their culture. It is a movement that may reform Islam and end Islamo-Fascist terrorism from within.

This is all better than waiting for the next terrorist attack and lamenting that nothing can be done to end Islamic terrorism. Liberals said the same thing about Communism and the Cold War. It took a President with the strength of will to end the Cold War and we have another President willing to risk political capital to do things no Democrat President has been willing to do since JFK.

I pity you liberals. I have a hope for the future that Clinton, Kerry and the rest of the Democrats never had the will to provide the World. The Democrats have become the Anti-Party. Anti-American, Anti-Military, Anti-War, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Bush and Anti-Cooperation. The saddest thing is the once proud and patriotic Democratic Party is now run by it's opposition, George Bush. Their sole agenda is ANTI-BUSH! That is it! They no longer have anything constructive to offer America. Their hatred has made them irrelevant.

President Bush and our troops have provided the world with an opportunity to end terrorism and you liberals are so blinded with unreasonable hatred you will never see it or embrace it.

Such a pity!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I have been published! Well sort of!

The Pioneer Press, the local paper ran a photo about a group that is sponsoring a traveling exhibit. The exhibit displays a pair of boots for every fallen soldier. The Name of the Organization implies that it supports the troops. A quick trip to it's Website is enough to see that implication or assumption is not even close to being the truth.

Here is my Op-Ed Published in the Sunday Paper, 1/30/05, of the Pioneer Press.

Once again you have allow your paper to be a propaganda tool for the anti-war and anti-Bush liberals of America.

Your Jan. 24th photo on page 3A, implies that the exhibit is to honor our fallen soldiers. The American Friends Service Committee does not support our troops and they use a deceitful name to imply it does. The committee abuses our loyal service people, their sacrifices and the group espouses a biased viewpoint a majority of the military has objected to.

Next time you want to feature the American Friends Service Committee , make sure we know it is the “Peace at All Costs” crowd. If you are going to cover this group as news, we should be given the whole story. I want to know when I am looking at the propaganda of an organization that would give away our liberty and security in the name of "peace".

There were some edits, but they were minor. I had used the word "Dhimmis" and that was replaced with their name, but most of what they did was for what they considered to be clarity. I can live with that.

With all of the talk of media bias, you would think that the Op-Ed page would try to have an equal amount of conservative and liberal.