Friday, December 26, 2003

The US President's Job is NOT fixing the US Economy.

The President is the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces and he also guides our Foreign Policy. These duties are given to the Presidency by Article II of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The power to levy taxes, borrow money and regulate commerce is given to the legislative branch. So if you have a problem with employment, taxes or the economy blame your Congress and Senate persons.

When choosing a President, don't pick the one that says he will get you a job, because he can't. Pick one that is pro-military and has a strong foreign policy. I love Bush because everyone else in the world hates him. That tells me he is doing his job. Teddy said it best, "Speak softely and carry a big stick...". Sounds like Bush to me.

Generally I believe that Democrats tend to make good legislators and Republicans make good Presidents. If the balance is there, they keep an eye on each other.

Fox News

After years of filtering out liberal propaganda from the news outlets available to me, I have found that filtering out the conservative propaganda on Fox News is easier. Besides I have a lot of practice filtering propaganda out of my news. I figure your average liberal media source has about 40% propaganda and Fox has about 20% propaganda. I like my propaganda to be conservative anyways.

It is amazing the vitriolic hatred shown by liberals toward Fox News. Get over it. Fox News isn't even as conservative as most us conservatives would like it. I think Fox will be around a while.

Leftist attacks on conservatives that stumble.

What is worse? A person that has aspirations of high values and morals, but stumbles or a person that has no aspirations of high values and morals.

High morals are not easier than low morals, they take work and self discipline. For someone that has chosen the easy road, to deride some that attempted the hard road and failed is ludicrous. Bennett and Limbaugh have shown that they are human. They have made a choice to promote and attempt the hard road.

Just because conservatives point out that liberals are wallowing in the pig sty of low easy morals, does not mean when a conservative stumbles, that his higher values are wrong.

Bennett and Limbaugh are still better people than their detractors.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

More liberal tripe

I wrote this to the editors of a rag called "The Nation". I thought I would share it with you.

Sacred Rage? This elitist liberal tripe written by the loathsome Mr. Baruch Kimmerling is the worst piece of garbage I have seen in a while. How any so called opinion magazine can allow a piece written by a know nothing idiot with a flair for attacking the just and defending the wrong. His claims of superior knowledge fall short because his complete and utter lack of common sense. All of his arguments ignore facts and reality.

To call a terrorist in Iraq, a guerilla, ignores the fact that a majority of Iraqis want the killing to stop. Would the asinine fool have us believe that a guerilla murdering for a cause is okay? Anyone not insulated in the cocoon of academia, knows the answer to that is no. He even professes to know that their goal is to sow panic and not to kill, I have over 3,000 reasons to disagree with him.

Just because this dumb ass has a degree and is a Jew does not make his foolish arguments valid. He has self deluded himself into that leftist belief that Islamic Terrorism is the non-Moslem's fault. The barbaric Moslem bastards would be killing us Westerners no matter what we did, short of wholesale conversion to Islam and following Islamic Law.

I am a Christian, so killing them in self defense is the only option they have given us.

Is this Nation of yours way off the LEFT COAST? Are you and your extreme leftist views taking your rightful portion of the blame for the demise of the Democratic Party in America? What is it with you left coast morons? Continually attacking the veryfundamentalss and principles that allow you to sit around and complain. You espouse views and defend values and beliefs which would end your ability to sit around and complain. Try complaining in any Islamic country. I dare you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Iraq's so called Debt

The Iraqi people owe very little to anyone that borrowed money to Saddam. Those lenders took the chance that Saddam would stay in power long enough to pay them back. Saddam used the money he owed to build palaces, payoff his supporters and suppress the Iraqi dissenters. Very little of that money actually benefited the Iraqi people. It should come as no surprise that the three countries owed the most money by Saddam are the three countries that were the most vocal opponents to the war, France, Germany and Russia, the Tri-Pirates.

The all voted for and signed the UN sanctions of Saddam's Iraq. They all violated the sanctions for profit. They all knew Saddam's days were numbered. They continued to trade with and support Saddam's despotic regime even though his murdering of hundreds of thousands of his people was widely reported. Some of the trade was military goods, banned by the UN sanctions and used against Iraqis and coalition soldiers. Their profits and the debt they want Iraq to pay, is blood money. Any attempts to collect on these debts before the Iraqis have full self-governance, should be rebuffed by the Coalition.

As soon as the Iraqis are able, they should declare the debt an "odious debt". This means the current elected government believes that the debt incurred by the previous dictatorial regime died with the overthrow of that regime. The Iraqis should leave open an avenue of appeal for these lenders to prove that certain loans did in fact aid the Iraqi people and those loans should be repaid. These appeals would have to wait until the new government is up and running, giving Iraq time to begin generating income.

Which brings us to the money recovered from regime officials by coalition troops. This amount totals the tens of millions and the countries owed money can asked to be paid with that money at least. I would not argue with that, but they would need to get into line with the other injured parties and prove that the Iraqi people benefited from the debt owed. Again these issues would have to wait until a later date.

There is another rule of lending which is, you never lend out funds that you cannot afford to write off.

The Tri-Pirates need to quit their crying. They have nothing to cry about. They never lived under the Saddam regime.

Good news from Iraq?

Why is it I have to go to Blogs from Iraqis in order to get good news from Iraq. The so called journalists from America in Iraq know nothing. The average Iraqi has a better feel for what is happening there, than the biased, pampered and shuttled journalists. American media should hire Iraqis to gather news. They don't have the anti-American hatred of our own press.


There have been many shootings and at least one death attributed to insurgent activity along this stretch of highway. We should pull out and save the rest our troops. It's a quagmire, it is unsafe and we are tired of the risk.

Get out of OHIO and end the war now. OHIO is too risky, we can only stop the killing if we pull out now.

Much the same can be said for LA, DC or any other major American city. Stupid ignorant liberals.

Monday, December 22, 2003

"News Media"???????????????

How can a journalist truly be a Journalist when he or she and their editors are driven by ratings. When the "News" is no longer information, but has become entertainment, what good is it? Another Blog brought this article to my attention. The gist of the article is the government is offering a feed of those events in Iraq that they want covered and are not being covered by the independent press. The article gives the views of the management of some Boston TV stations. These guys are just lost. They want nothing to do with the feed. They think they are doing a good job reporting events in Iraq. The Blog is by an Army Officer with a journalistic background and he really rips into them.

Important things passed over or poorly covered by the biased American(sic) Press;
-The Pro-Coalition, Anti-Terrorist demonstrations held all over Iraq on 12/10/03.
-The fact that almost all of the attacks on the Coalition is happening in Baghdad and to the north.
-70% of Iraq is violence free and progressing well.
-The coalition is well on it's way to turning over policing and governmental authority to the Iraqis.

The MOST important events in forming Iraq's future are happening without any notice for the media. All the media can focus on is the violence created by a very small segment of Iraqis. "If it bleeds, it leads!" How can a news media with a journalistic credo like that be allowed to call itself informative. I get better information from blogs than I do from so-called professional journalists.

There are at least two possible reasons for the contemptible reporting by the media,
-The American public is so devoid of sensitivity and morals that it can only appreciate the senseless violence reported by the media.
-The liberal media cannot bring itself to report anything that may possibly portray Bush Administration policy in a positive way.

BTW Fox News is not immune from this disease, they just as entertainment driven as the rest of them. Though I will take Fox over the rest of them any day. I don't have to put up with the incessant, mindless and rabid Bush bashing on Fox. Fox gives him the criticism he deserves and nothing more.

First Lady

It is truly nice to see a First Lady standing next to her husband without all of those nagging questions.

Is she still mad at him over the Monica thing?

Is she still with him only for the political gain?

Who really wears the pants in that family?

Which one is President?

Laura is another thing the White House has been missing the previous 8 years. A classy, elegant woman not angling for higher office. And she is so much easier on the eyes than Hillary was.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Tri-Pirates

The Tri-Pirate countries of France, Germany and Russia are corrupt, degenerate and immoral. They violated the UN sanctions of Iraq for profit. Many of those violations involved weapons, weapons that killed Iraqis and coalition soldiers. The UN sanction violations created debts, debts owed by the Saddam regime. When the coalition was being formed and a case made in the UN for the application of force in response to the sanction violations, the Tri-Pirate countries defended the murderous despot.

Their obstruction and dissent to freeing the people of Iraq has disqualified them from contracts that the US is paying for. The buyer can decide who they buy from. The Tri-Pirates claim that the US is violating World Bank, Free Trade and UN rules. What? The TP's are the only ones allowed to break rules? At least when the US breaks rules, we do it in the open, not in some back alley deals.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Great, hopeful articles from Muslims

Sometimes I just have to let them speak,

This is a translation of an anti-Wahhabism article written by an Ethiopian Journalist,

This is a translation of an anti-Wahhabism article written by a Somali Journalist,

This is a translation of a Pro-American article written by a Kuwaiti Journalist,

This is a blog from an Iraqi in Baghdad, his coverage and participation in the anti-terrorism rallies of 12/10/03 is wonderful.

The three articles and the blog site have given me more hope than I have had in a while. Hope, that we can survive and win this war without destroying half the world in the process. I am willing to destroy half the world, if necessary, but I would rather avoid it if possible.

Abortion and the Death Penalty.

Ways to kill two very different human beings. One human is an innocent child and the other is a consenting adult murderer. One human has never killed anyone, the other has killed at least one other human. The liberals think the one type of killing is a women's right and the other is government sponsored murder. The conservatives think that one type is the murder of innocence and the other is the duty of the state to protect its citizens.

I have only recently come to oppose Abortion law in it current form. I do not want women to seek back alley abortions nor do I want it to be too easy and too clinical. More hoops need to be created to discourage abortion and more incentives need to be offered for finishing the pregnancy and giving the baby up for adoption.

Capital punishment has in the past been handled badly by the government. DNA tests and other new advancements in criminology can be used to prevent most of the errors that have occurred in the past. The criminal should be caught red handed(sic) and/or a confession made. If only witnesses and/or circumstantial evidence is available, then the death penalty should not be an option. With the proper guidelines, Capital Punishment can be used by the government as a justifiable punishment for cold blooded murder.

It does not take a genius to figure out which side of this issue I choose to be on. Justifying to God on my Judgement Day, my position on killing murderers is definitely easier than trying to justify the killing of unborn babies. Liberal Christians that have deluded themselves into believing that they reside on the moral high ground on today's major social issues are in for a shock on their judgement day.

I recently read that some believe that the murder rate would increase, because the criminal would desire to remove witnesses to their crime. That is assuming that Capital Punishment is used to punish other crimes besides murder. I am not advocating that.

It does however bring to mind that other dire prediction. The gun related deaths would sky rocket, once private citizens in Minnesota were given licenses to carry guns. Well, it has been almost 1 year and I have yet to hear of anyone shooting up a store or killing someone by accident out in public. No huge increase in the gun deaths of children either. I guess the liberal mind is NOT as infallible as they think they are.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Dru, Lacy, Jessica and Shoshana

You remember Shoshana dont you? I will give you a few minutes.......

Why are these women more important than all of the hundreds of other people missing from foul play or war. This is not just a liberal media phenomena. Fox News has given these cases a lot of air time. None of the professed reasons, such as Lacy was pregnant or Dru and Jessica are all American girls, ring true. The sad truth was found in the hoopla over Jessica Lynch and the forgotten Shoshana Johnson.

Shoshana is the other women captured by the Iraqis with Jessica. Those who know me, know I am not a crusader for the NAACP and few subjects burn me more than the gold digging calls for reparations for slave descendents. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are village idiots of African-American society and if I was a black man I would tell those two fools to sit down and shut up. But Shoshana did more to fight off the Iraqis and earn the Hero label then Jessica did. They both deserve whatever acclaim is offered, but in equal amounts.

It embarrasses us as a nation, when we claim that discrimination is dead and then blatantly show the world that Jessica is worthy of our hero label and Shoshana is not. The differences between the two are obvious. It disgusts me that the only people worthy of media attention are pretty white girls. It is time the media re-examines their priorities and goals. It is time that American audience tells these merchants of Dirty Laundry(1) that enough is enough. But then the days when Americans had any moral fortitude or fibre are long gone. The media vultures are just giving the ignorant and blood thirsty American public what they want. The slimier and more decadent the better, just look at the recent crop of reality shows.

The media already tells many Americans what to think, who to vote for and who and what is important. Since these mindless drones have ceded their thoughts and wills to the media and the media has excepted this arrangement, it is up the media to guide these members of the hive towards the proper path. The media needs to report the news fairly, without opinions. The media needs to worry less about ratings and more about their integrity.

(1) Don Henley song about media vultures.

Pros and Cons

This is an article about how and why Europe hates America and Bush. It also touches on Europe's rampant anti-semitism, with France and Germany leading it. Surprise, Surprise!

This is an article from a self deluded Jew. Get ready to get angry, it's all our own fault. I invite you all to send The Nation(sic) your opinion of this drivel.

Friday, December 05, 2003

A self-deluded Democrat or a very lost Christian?

On 12/2/03, the Saint Paul Pioneer Press printed an Op-ed piece titled, Jesus's vote, written by a Mr. Menk. He espoused a belief that Jesus would vote Democrat. He said that God is on the side of the poor, downtrodden, powerless and outcast. Mr. Menk is delusional! Jesus is on the side of ALL the faithful, whether they be poor or rich; upbeat or downtrodden; powerful or powerless; included or outcast.

Mr. Menk also claims that the Bible speaks more about the evil of greed than it does the morals of sexual issues. So I guess, he does not bury his head in the Bible and is aware today's social issues. I do not believe that Jesus would approve of homosexuality, abortion or any of the other deviant sexual issues and behaviors the Democratic Party is telling the rest of society are normal.

I also do not think that Jesus would appreciate the constant attacks of the liberal left on Christianity. Which brings me to the separation of church and state. As with any good thing, you can always go too far. America is a country founded by and for Christians. The state and church separation kept the different Protestant sects from claiming superiority and turning the young America into a theocracy, but it did not stop the founding fathers from basing many other rights and laws on general Christian principles. I do not believe that the founding fathers meant for the 1st Amendment to be used by non-Christians to remove all mention of God from public life.

Mr. Menk makes an assumption that if Republicans ran things that people would be starving on American streets and the only the Democrats are preventing that from happening. Yes, the Republicans are generally tired of Democrat sponsored wealth redistribution, but Republicans are NOT going to allow fellow Americans to die of starvation. Besides America already has the most obese poor people in the world and I cannot find the Constitutional Amendment which guarantees every poor soul a new TV.

Mr Menk claims to be a faithful Christian, but he places his own prejudice on Jesus. If Jesus walked the earth today he would not belong to any political party. If he voted, he would vote for the candidate that would best represent Christian values and way of life. Jesus loves all men and women. The Jews, the Christians, the Moslems, the rich, the poor, the gay, the heterosexual, the good, the evil, the Democrat and the Republican. Jesus loves everyone. Judgement Day must be the hardest thing for Jesus to do, having to refuse entry into heaven of a soul he loves. I do not believe being a member of either political party grants a free pass into heaven.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Unemployment Lies
I am tired of hearing people complain that they can't find work. In America, with single digit unemployment rates, the only reason you don't have a job is because you don't want the job available. If you can only find work as a burger flipper, then you should flip burgers. I have worked almost continually since I was 12 years old. Whenever I was not working for more than 1 month, it was because I was lazy. The Unemployment Office allows you to be lazy. Sure, they try to motivate you to look for work, but getting paid to sit on your ass is the best job I ever had.

Whenever you lose a job, for whatever reason, you will most likely take a pay cut. Get used to it, get a job and start the climb up the pay scale again. I spent 5 years in the Navy only to get out and find all of my Navy electronics training was outdated and worthless. All I could find was temporary $5.00 an hour jobs. It was not the first, nor the last time I had restart at the bottom of the pay scale. I got over it, anybody can too.

For those of you who are working and know someone sitting on their ass collecting Unemployment pay, give them hell. They collect, so Unemployment is their JOB. Part of their JOB is taking the abuse us working stiffs sling their way.

My rant on Democrats

They are the do nothing, do gooders. They are constantly doing us favors we don't want, because they think they know what is better for us than we do. They insist that every oddball behavior and culture is celebrated. They promote Kwanza and Ramadan, while denigrating Christmas to a gift giving "Happy Holiday" with the 1st Amendment. They feel the need to be the spokesmen for the military, even though they despise it and its members. They are always telling people that they know what is good for them, that they know what is better. They lie to get into office and then lie even more once elected. They take your money from you and tell you some lazy fool over there needs it more than you do. They hate America. They talk and pick their asses during the National Anthem. They lack religion, morals, sanity and common sense. Above all they have a sense of guilt or entitlement, depending on their race, which skews their whole sense of being and worth.

As C.S. Lewis wrote:
"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."

PS The "moral busybodies" are not the Moral Majority in this case. This time it is those Democrats that are using government and public funds to ease their own guilty consciences.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

McAmericans need to shut up.

I thank God, not Allah, everyday that our great country did not have to rely on its current citizens to fight WWII. If it had, THE WORLD, would be speaking German and/or Japanese. The Patriotic Americans that fought WWII had more realistic expectations of the military and political leaders of the day. Since Korea, Americans have become used to running as soon as we get hurt and have been satisfied with incomplete victories and even failures. WWII Americans would not have been so complacent.

America's greatest enemy is not "radical" Islam (sic); it is the current crop of self-centered, spoiled and sissified McAmericans. The McAmericans give credence to the terrorist's boast that America is weak and decedent. Every deviant and amoral behavior and belief possible is celebrated and/or given special status in their America. They attack decent and moral behaviors and beliefs as draconian or even Fascist.

The old Americans used to applaud achievement and excellence. Today McAmerican culture promotes mediocrity and discourages recognizing any achievement to prevent hurting the mediocre one's feelings. Failure is acceptable. The old Americans were Patriotic, loved their country, felt voting was a responsibility and deemed defending their country was a duty and an honor. McAmericans are unpatriotic, don't give a damn about their country, can't spare the time to vote and have no problem letting someone else defend America.

The War on Terrorism is for America WWIII, it is a war of survival for the US. We cannot cut and run when things don't end soon enough for CNN and the McAmericans. We need to stick this out for however long it takes and make whatever sacrifices we need to, to win. The economy, prescription drugs, Medicare, gay marriages are all idiotic topics for our leaders to be discussing when we are fighting a war for our survival. How self-centered can America become? If it can wait until after the war, than it should wait. All of these topics would have been put on hold during WWII and they should be now.

The thing that burns me the most is these McAmericans are protesting a war necessary for the survival of America. They complain about the loss of rights, they are not willing to make even minor sacrifices to defend. They profess to speak for the military that they despise and would never consider being a member of. A majority of the military rejects their values and beliefs. They don't want McAmericans to speak for them. All McAmericans manage to do is undermine the soldiers, make their job harder, embolden the enemy and get more of them killed. Shut the F@#& up!

Let's look at some numbers;
Washington DC had 262 murders in 2002. (1)
Detroit had 402 murders in 2002. (1)
Los Angeles had 654 murders in 2002. (1)
Chicago had 648 murders in 2002. (1)
New York had 590 murders in 2002. (1)
Allied deaths on D-Day, June 6, 1944, (one day) were 2500+. (2)
Total Allied killed in Europe June to August 1944 were 53,714. (2)
Coalition deaths since the beginning of the war in Iraq to date are 526. (3)
American civilians killed in terror attacks on American soil since New Years Day 2002 are 0. (4)

With all of the uproar over the military casualties in Iraq, I am glad we don't have to ask the McAmericans to land on the beaches of Normandy today. The last number tells us that our military and homeland security agencies are successfully engaging the terrorists.

One last figure for those of you that believe the Patriot act has eroded some of those rights you take for granted, but are unwilling to defend.

Number of credible alledged cases of abuse of power recorded by the Dept. of Justice since the Patriot act was enacted is 34. Many of them relitively minor offenses as name calling by guards. Wrong, but hardly life ending. 34 alledge cases out of 293 million people. So what happened to their dire predictions? Considering the other numbers listed here, I think I can live with the number 34.

Facts and figures.
(4) You have to believe me on this one, the media only reports the bad, not the good news

Feminists and Islam

Where is all of the feminist outrage over the Islamic oppression of the Moslem women? It has been clearly shown that many Moslem women would choose not to wear the veils and burkas, if given the choice. US and UK soldiers continually report that Iraqi men routinely misuse and abuse the women in their households. "Honor" killings and other villainous behavior which reinforces Islamic claims of male superiority are over looked by the P.C. minded feminists. Not to mention the stoning of women for trumped up, minor religious offences. So much for the "Peaceful and Tolerant" religion of Islam and the espoused goals of American feminists.

Is it truly more important that women be allowed to play golf at the private Augusta golf course than mounting a protest against the oppression of the female followers of the largest religion on earth? Where are the priorities here?

Most, not all, feminists subjugate their core goals and beliefs, to the leftist Democrat Party ideology. This was clearly apparent in their fervent defense of Bill Clinton's infidelity and their attack of Arnold Swartzneger's hanky panky. Not that I am defending Arnie's boorish behavior, but they both have shown disrespect for women by acting like pigs and should have been treated equally by the feminist organizations.

The attainment of equal rights for ALL women, should be the only goal of all declared feminists. Legitimizing a political party's agenda or ignoring a religion's oppression of it's women should NOT be on a feminist's agenda.