Thursday, September 23, 2004

What I mean when I say "Democrats".

When I refer to Democrats, I am referring to the hard core party hacks and Politicians. They ones that hold office or help make policy. I am not referring to fools that believe the propaganda.

There are a great many good Americans that have been brainwashed into believing all of the asinine things the Democrats say. They vote for the Democrats for many reasons, but the worst one of all is, "I have always voted for Democrats." God, how stupid, mindless and silly can you get? Do you even know who you a voting for?

A great number of people vote for Democrats because of niche causes. Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay-rights, Pro-Welfare, Pro-Union or some other social program. These selfish and silly people are the most contemptible selfcentered assholes known to man. Let's vote for this guy, he is pro-baby-murder and we don't care what other kind of damage he will do to America.

So a great many so-called Democrats are silly voters or selfish voters, maybe both. They prove that many Americans are as stupid as Michael Moore says.

Republicans are the serious and selfless voters. Most are not rich. Many are serving, have served and/or have family members in the military. They make the needs of the country, not themselves, the priority when they step into the booth.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

America's real allies and real enemies

The traitor and his minions keep complaining that we are ignoring our allies. What allies? France the country that has already surrendered to the Islamo-Fascists and has promised the Arab League to that they will work to undermine America's Foreign Policy with regards to Israel. Sounds like the enemy to me? Germany, the country that has ceded it's own foreign policy to France. The UN? The Anti-American organization controlled and corrupted by the huge number of thugs and dictators running all of the little piss ant little countries in the Third World, all of which seem to have chosen France as their leader. They have all found France to be a pliant and willing partner in their continued oppression of their countries.

Here is an excerpt of an article of the NRO

Despite the high-profile departures of Spain and the Philippines, American GIs in Iraq serve with uniformed personnel from Albania, Armenia (as of this month), Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Thailand, Tonga, and Ukraine. These 26,487 troops represent 17.3 percent of forces in Iraq, compared to the 126,500 U.S. soldiers who, it is fair to say, fill 82.7 percent of positions there.

While Americans have suffered 89 percent of the war's deaths, 11 percent of those killed were international soldiers. "Faced with a barrage of misleading rhetoric, the American public could be forgiven for thinking that the trans-Atlantic alliance no longer exists," writes Gardiner in his September 7 nereport,
The Myth of U.S. Isolation: Why America Is Not Alone in the War on Terror. "The Coalition includes 21 nations from Europe, and nine from Asia and Australia. Twelve of the 25 members of the European Union are represented, as are 16 of the 26 NATO member states."

Kerry's attacks on the Coalition are unfounded and unconscionable, yet they will be defended by the liberals. Kerry and his minions are the scum of the earth, lying and attacking our real allies in their desperate and failed attempt to wrest the White House from the hands of real Patriotic Americans. The Democrats are beyond contempt.

The Democrats failed Foreign Policy gave America a 9/11 at a cost of about 1 terrorist killed for every 150 Americans killed. The Republicans gave us an estimated 10 terrorists killed for every Coalition soldier killed in a War on Terror. I will take the Republicans ratio any day.

The Democrats claim the war in Iraq is a costly failure, 1000+ American lives and billions spent. I say the failed Clinton and Democrat's policies brought us 3,076 American lives and billions spent. The real hope Bush has given us is that America is doing something that MIGHT change the world into one that is more peaceful and safe than the one the Democrats had settled for. I will take a chance to effect some real change than just sitting back and taking the abuse given as the Democrats and the French have chosen.

The French are knowingly allies of the Islamo-fascists and the Democrats are following their lead. Whether they know it or not the Democrats are allies of the terrorists too.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bush's service as detail by the Mobile, AL, Register

CBS owes more than just a single apology
Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Now that CBS has, quite belatedly, offered a less-than-adequate apology for its false reports on President George W. Bush's National Guard service, the network should take a number of other steps to regain credibility.

The first such step would be to back off anchor Dan Rather's repeated assertions that the overall gist of his report still had merit.

Virtually the whole report -- not just one part of it -- was bogus.

Start with the assertion by longtime Democratic officeholder Ben Barnes that he pulled political strings at the behest of the Bush family to get Mr. Bush into the Guard in the first place. Three problems: Mr. Barnes has testified otherwise under oath. Mr. Barnes' own daughter says he is lying. And Texas Guard officials have said that not only was there no influence used, but there wasn't even a waiting list for positions.

The waiting list was for ordinary Guard slots. But there were far fewer applicants for the dangerous job of fighter pilot that Mr. Bush undertook.

Once Mr. Bush signed up, here are the undisputed facts about his service: In his first four years, while he was an active pilot, he far, far exceeded the minimum requirements.

Guardsmen had to report for duty at least 50 days per year. Earning one point per day, Mr. Bush amassed the following point totals, year by year: 253, 340, 137 and 112. His official evaluations noted that "Lt. Bush is an exceptional fighter interceptor pilot and officer." And: "...He possesses sound judgment and is mature beyond his age and experience level. ... He continually flies intercept missions with the unit to increase his proficiency even further." And a third rating, in 1970, said Mr. Bush "clearly stands out as a top notch fighter interceptor pilot" and was also "a natural leader whom his contemporaries look to for leadership."

Not only that, but the second of those judgments was attested to by the very man, Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, who was the purported author of the CBS documents now known to be forgeries.

Mr. Bush volunteered for duty in Vietnam. His plane was being phased out of service there, so the service declined his offer.

No longer having any flight requirements, Mr. Bush then went to Alabama, slacked off for about four months (although he did report for paperwork duty a few times), and missed a physical. But, despite the CBS claims, there is no record that his absences caused great consternation among his superiors.

The young pilot then returned to Texas and worked overtime for two months to make up the time he missed. He earned 56 points for the year as a whole, six above the service required, and he was honorably discharged.
Case closed.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Mysterians and Euphorians

In the Twin Cities here we have a talk show host and newspaper columnist named Joe Soucheray. He refers to himself as a curmudgeon and is really into things with internal combustion motors. He has always pretty much stayed away from politics and still doesn’t endorse either, but has always called the "Useful Idiots" Mysterians and Euphorians.

He has a woman that makes these fake satyrical ads for snowmobiles that go 5 miles an hour and stop when wildlife is near and also baseball leagues where the mothers don’t keep score, but the kids still do. Here is a link to her portion of the website.

Anyway this description is perfect for liberals, because I have no idea why they think the way they do. Do they ignore reality or do they just not see it? Do they really believe that America’s policies caused 9/11? Do they think you can actually negotiate with the Islamo-Fascists or have they already surrendered and accepted dhimmitude? What the hell is the color of the sky in these idiot’s world?

Are their special interests really more important than the defense of America? Is pleasing France and the UN that important to these Euphorians? Where does this hatred for their country come from?

I personally can not come up with one scenario where I would vote for Kerry. Nothing he says could convince me that he is a good enough human being to occupy the White House. The man is scum. The vilest kind of slime. A pretender. A fake. He has already done everything he could as a Senator to make America as defenseless as possible and there is nothing he has said that would make me believe he would not continue to do the same as President.

Mysterians and Euphorians live in a world I have never visited.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dhimmitude, the West's enslavement by Islam.

I have had an epiphany. I have been struck by a bolt out of the blue.

I was on my favorite blog(ITM) and someone mentioned an agreement the French had made with the Arab League back in 1974. I forgot about until a liberal friend of my Father, Jon, tried to make me back off a comment I made in an E-mail. Well, Jon was persistent and claimed we should have had additional allies and world support before going into Iraq. While writing a rebuttal, I remembered that comment about our "all important ally" on that blog. So I researched it and this is what I discovered.

I search for the name of the agreement and got this.

Well, it is in French, so I translated the first bullets using software on the internet and got this;
(1) Unconditional withdrawal of Israel on the lines of armistice of 1948.
(2) The Islamization of Jerusalem, which they had seized by the force, in 1948, and from where they had expelled all the Jews.
(3) Recognition of the Palestinian people and sound alone representing, the PLO.
(4) Of the pressures exerted by the EC on the United States, to bring them closer the Arab policy and to detach them from Israel.

These are promises the French made to the Arab League. France is to make anti-Semitism a national policy and they are to work on undermining America's support for Israel. This doesn't sound like much of ally to America to me.

I used this info in the E-mail and got silence. I also used it on a blog and someone referred me to this site. This and other comments from blog readers in Europe led me to the conclusion that Western Europe as already been dragged into Dhimmitude by France and can no longer be counted on to defend themselves and nor can they be considered trusted allies.

I am at a complete loss. I don't know how to spread this information. The liberals appear to have also fallen victim to this disease as evidenced by their vicious desire to split this nation in two over a political office during war time. Their desire to make non-critical domestic issues, central issues in a war time campaign for President. Their insistence that American policies are to blame for 9/11. That negotiations and appeasement could be used in the War on Terror.

I am convinced that the Democrats are a more dangerous enemy of America, than Bin Laden.